Have you ever wondered why your company has stopped growing? Or why a big project is not moving forward? Too often, leaders recognize there is an issue but cannot pinpoint the solution. Some say it’s the strategy. Others call for more customer feedback. And still, others advocate for building a better culture. In truth, it is never only one of these; it is all of them.

Growth companies know their customers, have a clear strategy to deliver customer value, and most importantly, empower their teams to achieve that strategy.

Building a results-driven team doesn’t happen in a few hours on a ropes course, at a company gathering, or even in a half-day training. It takes real work. Our bespoke approach provides organizations with a toolkit they need to grow their businesses, build lasting customer relationships, and develop agile, results-oriented teams that fuel shared success.

Many organizations are not set up to reward strong leaders. Many do not don’t offer the needed training for their leaders. In reality, many do not even have an onboarding process for their newest team members.

At TEAMES & CO, our unwavering commitment lies in empowering leaders who strive to cultivate exceptional teams. A strong leader builds a team by recognizing individual strengths while fostering growth as part of a united group. They celebrate team wins as well as personal achievements. They equip the team with tools like customer knowledge and a clear strategy. Leaders that know team building is not a soft skill but hard work. A team is the foundation of a successful organization.

Our team has decades of experience coaching executives, senior leaders, individual contributors, and HR professionals. We have delivered results in our corporate careers and know what it is like to be accountable for results. Because of this, we will not hand you a cookie-cutter PowerPoint that you put in a drawer; we will get to know your business and your team and will roll up our sleeves to help you deliver customized real- world solutions that help you solve your biggest challenges.

We work with clients that want real answers, not easy answers. So, we will skip the trust falls and pizza parties, and instead, we will work together for lasting quantifiable results. But when the work is done, we’ll celebrate together.


Change the paradigm of growth to be team-centric


  • Start by listening; that’s where learning begins
  • Individuals spark teams; Teams fuel growth
  • Success is not a zero-sum game
  • The “how” matters
  • What many call “soft skills” are the most overlooked and the hardest to master.


Our engagement can and should be limited. We teach the tools for growth and problem-solving, and then empower you and your team to grow independently.

We Exit To

Drive unparalleled growth within a thriving culture.

Help Leaders Better their Best.

Change the Paradigm of Team Building.

Cookie Cutters only work in baking. We create personalized plans that empower you and your team.


Tracy Eames, MPH is the President and Founder of TEAMES & CO. She is a results-oriented commercial executive with an exceptional track record in marketing, product management, and organizational design. Tracy firmly believes that teams are the cornerstone of an organization’s success. Her focus is centered around constructing and nurturing high-performing commercial teams that consistently surpass their objectives and propel substantial business growth.

With a passion for transformative projects, Tracy has made a career launching and amplifying beloved brands, developing innovative products with a mobile-first approach, and leading teams and organizations through game-changing growth. She has led large-scale change management initiatives to optimize operational excellence and build cultures of innovation that accelerate organizational success. Tracy has been a leader within family-owned businesses, private equity-owned organizations, venture capital-backed firms, and publicly traded companies. From small-cap start-ups to Nasdaq 100 global leaders, she has delivered results in public and private companies, domestically and internationally.

She holds a Master of Business Administration from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.

Tracy is an ardent advocate for entrepreneurship and finds joy in helping business leaders define their growth strategies. Recognizing that not every entrepreneur has equal access to funding, extensive networks, or business experience, Tracy is committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs find their path. She has served as a mentor at a variety of entrepreneurial support organizations throughout North Carolina, including Helius, a Durham-based non-profit providing business coaching & training for necessity-driven entrepreneurs, Venture Asheville, the high-growth entrepreneurship initiative for Asheville-Buncombe County, First Flight Venture Center, North Carolina’s original Science-based technology incubator, and The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), a North Carolina non-profit organization dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with necessary resources. Tracy also volunteers as a grant reviewer for NC IDEA, which empowers North Carolinians to achieve their entrepreneurial potential by offering support when and where they need it most, and is a long-time member of Rotary International. She is a member of the Asheville Downtown Rotary Club and has also served as a Board Member of the Rotarian Action Group for Community and Economic Development and past President of the RTP Rotary Club. She is an avid hiker and a self-proclaimed dog person. GET IN TOUCH



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