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Building capable, efficient and high-performing teams will demand 100% focus. How can you scale your team and design your organization for the future while delivering today’s results?  

At TEAMES & CO, we ensure you and your teams have the support to do both.

 As your partner, we work with your team to assess your current business and develop a strategy for future growth. 

But our work together doesn’t end there. We support your team throughout implementation, allowing your team to take the lead and develop capabilities that can be leveraged on future growth projects. 

Our goal is to not only help you successfully launch your initial project or manage a larger scale organizational change, but to equip you and your team to continue to adapt and grow in an ever-changing business environment. 

From Organizational Design to Change Management, TEAMES & CO is your partner in achieving what's next for your company

How Can We Help Your Team?

From building commercial teams to scaling innovation hubs and optimizing processes across global teams, TEAMES & CO is your partner in growth. 

The Opportunity for Teams

While many of us serve on multiple teams and believe these teams are vital in moving our business forward, organizations can struggle to identify the best ways to support their teams in reaching their shared goals. This dynamic is illustrated in the results of 2015 survey from The Center for Creative Leadership.  Our goal at TEAMES & CO is to address this gap, and help you build, develop and empower exceptional teams. 

1 %
of respondents participate in more than one team
1 %
of respondents believe that teams are central to organizational success
1 %
believe teams exceed organizational expectations

* André Martin and Vidula Bal. “The State of Teams.” The Center for Creative Leadership.2015.

Changing the paradigm of

Team Building

Team events can play an important role in building camaraderie….

But how are you supporting the day to day success of your teams as they aim to exceed their goals?