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Great Marketing Starts with a Great Team

With a constant flow of new apps, new platforms, and new strategies, marketing is exciting, but it can also feel daunting.

As you launch or refine your strategy, TEAMES & CO can help you build, train and develop an exceptional marketing team. Our work will not only focus on building a customer-centric marketing plan, but will also include the organizational work of hiring and training team members, building out clear marketing processes, and empowering your team in new ways of working.

Once each of these pieces is in place you will have a strong foundation for success, and a team that can continue to grow with your organization.

Marketing & Branding Solutions

Our team offers you customizable solutions to help you develop an exceptional marketing capabilities that focus on building customer awareness and loyalty. 

Scaling your Marketing team

As you grow you will need to scale your marketing team and capabilities. We can help map out pivotal roles, set up processes to streamline your work, and train new employees to ensure they are equipped for success. 

 Our fractional leadership model can also give you on-site leadership to coach and train your team, while hiring a full-time marketing executive. We will even stay on-board to  ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Product Positioning

As you go to market, a clear, concise product positioning is vital. We will work with you to define your category and product portfolio, key value drivers, market segments and product messaging.

Brand Development & Customer Mapping

Are you ready to commercialize, but need to define your brand’s voice and message.  Using a customer centric approach, we will engage key stakeholders to map out brand identity and key customer personas.

Content Marketing

Our work starts with evaluating communication channels to optimize your integrated marketing campaigns and reach your customers. From asset creation through analytics, we work with an exceptional group to help your team share a clear and consistent message. 

Measuring Success

As you launch messaging and integrated marketing campaigns, it is vital to understand their impact. We will work with your teams to define key metrics, build dashboards and reporting processes to help you continue to optimize your go-to-market strategies and tactics. 


Let's start building your team today!

Are you a Start-Up?

While marketing is a top priority, you may not be ready to build a full team. Don't worry, TEAMES & CO can help! From brand development and customer mapping through marketing implementation and campaign tracking, we are here to help you scale your marketing capabilities and empower your organization.

Don't put your commercial growth on hold; learn more about how we can help start-ups!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

 Peter Drucker